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Ebonics Translator. The original Ebonics Pimp Translator. Have a sense of humor and Laugh! (it's a joke! this is not real Ebonics!) Now available on the Android. Ebonics translator. Convert from English to Ebonics. Ebnoics (or African American Vernacular English) is a variety (dialect, ethnolect and sociolect) of American. True Ebonics Translator. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat! I'm going to pull out my gun on you if you all don't shut up. Oh my god! Look at your car! Did someone.

If you are using Netscape, then this site probably looks like ass. So start using a browser that actually works. English to Ebonics Translator. Back to da hood. Convert english to ghetto-speak with our famous ebonics translator! Is it the best translator on the internet? Get your ghetto on, fools. #1 Ebonics translator on the . 23 Aug The U.S. Department of Justice may have revived the debate over Ebonics after posting a job advertisement for an Ebonics translator for the.

It is known colloquially as Ebonics (a portmanteau of "ebony" and "phonics"). With pronunciation that in some respects is common to Southern American English. is an page with several ebonics translator or jive links. Learn Ebonics, Learn Pimp Language, Learn Ghetto Street Talk, Jive Talkin.


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