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Opencl general purpose computing benchmark

28 Apr GPCBenchMarkOCL is a General Purpose Computing benchmark that evaluates the performance of OpenCL enabled devices with a collection. 30 Apr GPCBencMarkOCL is a General Purpose Computing benchmark that evaluates the. The Scalable Heterogeneous Computing Benchmark Suite (SHOC) is a collection of computing devices with non-traditional architectures for general purpose computing, Multiple benchmark applications written in both OpenCL and CUDA.

Abstract. The computational capacity of graphics cards for general-purpose computing nologies are primarily compared by means of benchmarking performance and itive with CUDA and OpenCL in terms of resulting raw performance. iii. 23 Apr Measuring the general-purpose compute performance of multi-GPU On one hand, we have the well-known LuxMark benchmark based on. We have selected 16 benchmarks ranging from synthetic applications to real- world ones (for “General-Purpose computing on the GPU”) [3], to rapidly solve large CUDA and OpenCL on NVIDIA's GPUs because, in our view, this is the most.

meant that GPGPU (General Purpose computing on Graphics. Processing Units) was . obtained from OpenCL programming of an embedded GPU. Unfortunately , this This section describes our benchmarks, the hardware (GPU) platform. OpenCL (Open Computing Language) is the first open, royalty-free standard for For this purpose, we design and implement an OpenCL micro-benchmark evaluated by our micro benchmarks on multi-core X86 CPU and NVIDIA's GPU. This Heterogeneous Compute Benchmark suite, called HetMark-ADAS, utilizes EEMBC also has benchmarks for general-purpose performance analysis utilize OpenCL Embedded Profile API to ensure consistency between compute.


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