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Solved: I wanted to be able to play my local files on my phone. So I made a playlist on Spotify on my desktop.. Put all the songs on it.. I even. Solved: Hey. I recently updated my iPhone iOs and had to restore the phone during the process. Since then, all my offline playlists say. I am connected to the same WiFi, the playlist is "Available Offline" on both my PC and phone, looked up the problem but can't seem to find a solution to it.

The top of each playlist that contains the local songs which I would like to sync say "waiting to download" on ios. Everyone's Tags (8). You click download, but the songs are not syncing when you try to download the playlist. The playlist is either "waiting to download" or "waiting for wifi" and most. As you can see this playlist is stuck on downloading. I was able to download a few local files however all playlists I.

waiting for connection appears in all my playlists whenever I try to download them. * I have windows 10 * I have unistalled and re installed the. So I'm on the same network, I can see the files in the playlist, I can see the real- time changes as I'm making them from the desktop on the. 22 Jul You know Premium subscribers ($/month) can downloaded tracks to listen to offline. And you might've heard there are readymade playlists.


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